A German-American Wedding in Oklahoma

1 guy from the Vogtland
and 1 gal from Oklahoma.

Let them meet, far far away from his home but close to hers. Let them fall in love.
Take a pinch, no, a ton of courage and let him imagine a life together in the United States. Let him say goodbye to the metric system for good and let him propose.
(She says Yes)

Let them pick a date and also a photographer, who he remembers from back home, after they have met once or twice in university. Take his family and hers and bring them together in October 2018. Oh, and the photographer, too (who visits the States for the first time and is super amazed by Wendy’s and Trader Joe’s and who’s probably still dreaming about it).

2 families
dearest friends
tons and tons of love, joy of reunion and German-American jokes

Now mix everything and stir gently.