A medieval wedding with a celtic marriage ceremony // Eine Mittelalterhochzeit mit keltischer Trauzeremonie

I would not want to claim that I am exactly like the Doctor (Doctor Who?), but once in a while I, too, travel back in time and go on adventures with magnificent people. Like on this hot summer day in August 1637, when folk from far and wide gathered around to celebrate the marriage of Anke and Norman. I can honestly say that I’ve never before witnessed such a deeply meaningful and emotional wedding ceremony, all thanks to the incredible team of “Celtic Weddings”. It was also the most challenging wedding I’ve ever photographed, since photographers are not allowed within the inner ceremony circle – and I was not going to pick a fight with an archdruid. I may be a time traveller, but I am not crazy.

Anke und Norman, vielen Dank für euer Vertrauen, und vielen Dank, dass ich eure großartige Mittelalterhochzeit fotografisch begleiten durfte. Es war mir eine Ehre und ein (Nerd-)Fest!

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