Entspannte Sommersause auf Schloss Spreewiese // relaxed summer wedding near Bautzen

We met on the racetrack three days before the wedding.

She – the near-future-bride – was one part of my Chrononauts running team. Earlier last year, on a warm Autumn day, she and her boyfriend had eloped, and the only witnesses have been Paula, their dog, and me. We’ve been running on this day, too: across fields and meadows, chased by an ecstatic Paula who seemed to understand pretty good what a special day this was. Next year in May, they told me then, they wanted to have a big relaxed summer wedding party with their families and friends, Paula of course, and lot’s of fun.

And here we are.

I mean, when they told me that two of their oldest friends were gonna be the officiants for the wedding ceremony, I knew I was going to cry. I just didn’t know how much.
I also didn’t know how MUCH I would love the idea of a Hot Dog Food Truck as a caterer for a wedding.
What I did know though, from their elopement last year and from the moment the bride decided to enter the Chrononauts Team, despite the race being three days before the wedding, that both bride and groom were these rare kind of people who are kind and honest, down to earth and full of ideas, and whose friends got a thousand stories to tell about their caring, adventurous, joyful companionship.

I tried my best to encapsulate these qualities in their wedding pictures. Let’s have a look, shall we?


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