An intimate Anniversary Elopement in Dresden

In August, Stéphanie and Laurent drove all the way from a tiny French village to Dresden, to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in the town where their love grew all those years ago. In their hotel room they exchanged vows, kisses, memories, tears in a deeply personal anniversary ceremony, reflecting on hardships and blessings and 10 years of marriage. Over one hour they talked, listened, sat in museful silence, read and then renewed their wedding vows, which then was celebrated with Sacher cake and Black Tea – which is, in my opinion, the best way to celebrate anything.

To be trusted with photographing an elopement – an intimate wedding without any guests – is probably the greatest challenge a wedding photographer can face: other than with a “normal” wedding, the photographer is an active and visible part of the day and has to create an atmosphere of intimacy without being the third wheel at the same time. I can’t thank you enough, you two, for putting such faith in me. It was a honouring and heart warming experience and I am forever grateful for being able to witness such a strong bond and such a deep love.

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