Kate & Jascha: An Alternative Sea-Themed Wedding in Berlin

Imagine getting married thousands and thousands of miles away from your home town. Also: imagine wearing a self-knitted cape, featuring the star map of the night sky at home, while you are getting married in an aquarium under black light, surrounded by friends and family who travelled from Berlin suburbs and Australia to witness this ceremony. Yep, that’s right – Kate and Jascha absolutely killed it with their very nerdy and super awesome wedding plans. And they didn’t stop there: to complete the sea theme, all guests took a boat trip from Berlin city center to the Müggelsee, where they continued to party at an public beach! And don’t get me started on the wedding cake – you have to see this for yourself.

Kate, Jascha: thank you so much for having me! I had so much fun with you, your friends and the stingrays! I can’t remember attending a wedding before where I discussed feminist Science Fiction literature with the guests. Awesome.


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