Photography Workshop @ CERN

When I was asked to host two photography workshops at the European Organization for Nuclear Research – in short: CERN – in Geneva I felt incredibly honoured and excited: it is not only the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, but a place where countless people from many different countries work together to discover, explore and measure the very building blocks of our universe. You might remember the headlines from 5 years ago when the Higgs particle was discovered, using the Large Hadron Collider, which is located in the 27 km circumference circular tunnel 100 meters unterground, below the French & Swiss Jura mountains.
In 2013, my husband Felix and I moved to Geneva for some months, since Felix was working for the ATLAS experiment at CERN. To return now, in June 2017, was for me personally the greatest thing ever to happen. Special thanks to Susan and Katarina from the ATLAS outreach team for organizing the workshop, which was focused on how to create impact- and meaningful pictures for outreach purposes using light and storytelling techniques, and of course to all attendees, who made sure that the workshop was fully booked within 2 days!
It has been the greatest teaching and workshop experience a photographer could ever ask for: And eagerly interested crowd, great locations for a photo walk and a meal at Restaurant 1 afterwards – what is not to love?
Below you will find some impressions from the workshop and I am so looking forward to present to you the winning pictures of our photo competition some weeks from now!


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