A Backyard „Music Festival meets Family Holiday“ Wedding in Hamburg

The wedding day of F. and B. was very non-wedding-y in the best way. There was no white dress, no getting ready, no tight schedule. There was: lots of great music, many many heartfelt good wishes, a gazillion hugs, cake, laughter and cheerfulness all around. I am in awe about how F. and B. created such a relaxed, candid atmosphere where everyone felt like coming home, including me – I had spirited conversations about art, Pokémon Go and politics and these encounters left a deep impression on me. It really was a special day, focused on family, friendship and togetherness and I am very grateful that I was invited to be a part of it.

Ceremony: the wonderful & kind Imke Klie
Location: Bildungsstätte Lüdersburg


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