Irene & Sherlock: a lovestory

My dear Watson, there are three key points that you have to keep in mind in case you want to look awesome. The first thing is to have awesome clothing, clean and snuggly. The second point is correct posture. The third is awesome light. If all of the three requirements are met, you will look handsome and make anyone swoon, not just the ladies. However, I digress, a game is afoot and we must follow in pursuit.


When Mária and Stefan asked me to photograph a couple photo shoot inspired by Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes I won’t surprise you by saying that I was completely in love with the idea. So we met on a hot summer day in the inner city of Dresden which really is a perfect backdrop for s Irenesque photo story. SPOILERS: There is a happy end to this version of Irene’s and Sherlock’s story!

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