Ana & Till: Zweisam an der Ostseeküste

Let me tell you just a little bit about Ana and Till. They are both dedicated, talented, hard working and deeply interested in the world. They don’t shy away from discussions about politics and are both great warriors against social injustice. Additionally they are caring and welcoming and incredibly funny, and their love for each other just felt so honest, so natural, that capturing it was like watching two planets which are circling each other for aeons.
Big words, I know. I really can’t help it though.
One last thing: I arrived to their shooting completely whacked. I had just returned from Iceland via plane after some pretty buisy days, feeling like I could not walk another meter. When these two fetched me at the airport hotel I honestly felt my exhaustion vanish within seconds. Some people are just like that – radiating energy and warmth like a Fritz Kola mixed with a hot nice cup of tea.


Guys, we really have to meet again soon!

Photo by: Till Gläser

KINDRED SPIRITS: Illustration by Krajamine
More about our Illustration meets Photography Project:

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