Most wedding traditions are a little bit 16th century – and the same goes for many wedding photography poses and styles. With my work I strive to create images beyond stereotypes for modern lovers who live and love on eye level. No matter what race, sex, religion or whether you are a dog or a cat person, I will capture your relationship in a genuine and witty way. about the liberty to be yourself and to express yourself on your wedding day. In front of my camera nobody has to be shy about who they are and how they look like and how they would like to get married. Your wedding photos will be part of your visual heritage and should be 100% you. Let's create some powerful memories together! the technical term for the aesthetic quality of the blurred background in a photo and shall represent the creative side of the craft. The key to creativity for me is being taken up in the role of an observer. I draw my inspiration first and foremost from the interactions between the two souls I am about to photograph. There is nothing more inspiring than genuine togetherness.